Keian’s stunning creature!

For the last few weeks Keian has designed and made an amazing creature in the art group. He is really passionate about his art and is always grinning ear to ear as he works! This is what he says about his 3D model: ‘It has amazing nice rib details. It eats dinosaurs and snakes but his pet snake is safe! He eats the bad snakes’.

Well done Keian, I’ve been so impressed with your ideas and focus, and you have great 3D modelling skills with the plasticine!

Paul Cookson Visited today

In the morning Paul Cookson taught us some of his poems

We learned – Mrs Eagle’s eyes, King of all the dinosaurs Bottoms, Bad Dad dab dance. 

We were also lucky enough to write our own poem in the afternoon with the other y4 class.

Supersonic ears

Boys trumping

Girls chatting in the toilets

Shouting in the classroom

Toilets flushing

Children crunching cookies

Chairs scraping 

Pens screeking on the whiteboard

Who did it?

Today we found out some interesting information about the three little pigs.

The three little pigs 🐷wanted money so they pretended that Mr Wolf🐺 had blown the 1st and 2nd pigs 🐷 houses!

They phoned the insurance company so they could have more money and pretend that Mr Wolf 🐺blew their houses down.

The three little pigs🐷 did this so they keep paying their mortgage 🏙.The wolf 🐺 couldn’t have blown down the houses because he had asthma .

Three Little Pigs

We found out the big bad wolf was innocent and the pigs were guilty.

The pigs boiled the wolf alive and got arrested for murder.

The wolf had asthma so he couldn’t have blown down the houses of pigs 1 and 2.

Yesterday afternoon we spent our time in the forest building the three houses.

Ho Ho Ho! 

Our class Christmas tree is looking very good. Thank you to Shayne and all the children that helped make it in Forest School. Thank you to the children that helped decorate it too.


Today we were explaining how to do big multiplication like    1463×5. We took our work to Mrs Andrews. She was really happy with our work. We explained it to her and she gave us the headteacher award.